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English-Spanish Translator, Interpreter, and Teacher

LaT will help you achieve your language goals. We offer English-Spanish translation, medical interpreting, editing, proofreading, transcription, and subtitling. 

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James Leow

Curriculum Designer II - Spanish course / Duolingo

"Mariana developed translations of learning content for us. For some exercises, having translations is a key component for the successful completion of the exercise. She also worked in content review and creation, developing learning material in various types of exercises. The best thing about working with Mariana is in a word: dependability. Not only could I depend on Mariana to do work when it was needed (and help others fill in the gaps), but she has a knack for identifying the most important aspects of a task and making sure those are in place. This is extremely helpful for creating and translating content: we can move things along quickly because it doesn't require as much iteration. If you are looking for someone who you can depend on to meet your Spanish-English translation and teaching needs, Mariana will not let you down!"

Nora Gordon

Curriculum Designer - English course / Duolingo

"Over the past year, Mariana has provided translation services for us (translating English educational content into Spanish). Mariana does excellent work. She is thorough, careful, and exact. Mariana is able to expertly balance naturalness in translation with the pedagogical intent behind what is being translated. She understands the challenges that Spanish-speaking learners face when studying English, and always has this context in mind when working on a translation. We often face tricky translation problems, and Mariana is always open to discussion of the options when multiple translations are possible. She thoughtfully and expertly explains the differences between multiple translation options based on regional variation, formality, nuance of meaning, or other factors, and collaborates with me and my team to find the best possible translation. She's extremely reliable and always meets deadlines. Mariana is a clear and effective communicator, and just an all-around lovely person to work with. I would definitely recommend Mariana to anyone who needs English-Spanish translation services!"